The appearance of Superman is iconic

The appearance of Superman is iconic. He wears a blue costume, and the red cape. Not only that, he has the stylized red-and-yellow "S" as his symbol. He always becomes one of the most popular super heroes worldwide over the time.

The appearance of fictional super hero characters such as Superman proves the creativity of someone. When talking about Superman, we are sure that you are familiar to Jerry Siegel. Now, we can enjoy the appearance of this American super hero (Superman) in movie and comic forms. Besides that, there are so many toys which are made with this super hero as the theme. If your loved kid loves to collect the toys, as a boy, he might choose to have any toys which are made with super hero forms. Well, do you know? In early 1933, the writer of superman, Jerry Siegel wrote a short story, which was illustrated by his class mate named Joe Shuster. The story entitle The Reign of the Superman is published by Siegel in his Fanzine.

Some months after writing the short story, Siegel tried to develop a new character. Even though the name was same, but he was sure that the new character would be more and more marketable. Well, now people worldwide love to read the superman comic regarding the age and gender. In the leisure time, some people read their favorite comic.

If you want to know the age and birthday of this super hero, here is what you will get. Basically, people have the curiosity to the birthday of their favorite character. Unfortunately, there was no clear information of the exact superman's age. In the comic that is published between the early 1970s and the early 1990s, his age was cited as 29 years old. Dealing with the birthday, an action comics 149 gives October as the birthday of this super hero. On the other hand, it was reported that his birthday was February 29.

Captain America

Why "Captain America" not "Super America"

Well, actually, Captain America is older than my mother and father. This super hero character appeared in the first time in 1941. Yes, it is known as one of the popular character worldwide. Regardless of your place, we are sure that you love to design your bedroom with the character theme. As a teenager, there are over thousands reasons to be close to your favorite character, right? Captain America is one of the fictional superheroes in American comic books. It all was published by Marvel comics. There were some men who stood behind the popularity of this comic. That is right! This comic was created by both Jack Kirby and Joe Simon who are known as cartoonists.

The first Joe Simon appeared in 1941 and he often fought the axis power during World War II. Like Superman, your favorite character Captain America wears the costume. This is the great news. In 2011, this fictional superhero character stood in the sixth ranking position on an IGN'S top 100 comic books heroes of all time. It becomes the pride for the writer and the publisher. This achievement represents the successful of this comic in attracting many people in the world.

In 1940, Joe Simon, a writer, conceived the idea for the Captain America. Then, he made the sketch the costume of this superhero. When writing the "Super America at the bottom of the page, he was not sure that is a good idea. However, there were too many supers around. It sounded that Captain America was better than other names. Due to we live in the modern era, we can complete our collection by buying the DVD of Captain America movies. If you get inspiration from this character, it means that you aim to create the next superhero worldwide, right? It is a good idea then you can add the list of popular characters in the world.

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